WE Didn't invent the trivia night, But...

We have helped hundreds of nonprofits raise millions of dollars hosting trivia nights.

Build community, have fun, advocate for the people you serve, and raise tons of money for your organization at the same time!

And we've already done all the work for you.


Yes! We’ve tested it with organizations all over the country!

This event kit combines decades of in the trenches fundraising knowledge with the practical tools to you need to cast a vision, create buy in, create a buzz, and to advocate for your ministry with minimal effort on your part.

Is It Effective?

Yes! We’ve raised up to $20k on a single night!

Organizations using our trivia night resources have consistently raised $3,000 to $10,000 in a single night with a very small investment of time, resources, and volunteers. In total, this resource has helped nonprofits raise over a million dollars!


Yes! We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Our team believes that you need to respect your time and the time of your team. Our focus in putting this kit together was to save you time and energy while increasing the amount of money you are bringing in.

Is It Repeatable?

Yes! Most organizations end up adding it to their annual plan!

After the first trivia night, your patrons will be asking you how soon you can host another one – so we've got many volumes of trivia questions for you to use. Even better, most organizations raise more money each time they host an event.

"Trivia Night has been the highlight of our church’s spring for the past two years. The only question that the church council has had for me after the night is if we’re doing one or two trivia nights next year!"

BRIAN BAUDOINCollege Station, TX

Stop doing fundraisers that:
Exhaust your team.
Bore your community.You have to convince people to attend.Don't make enough money.

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What's Included?

Power Point Questions

Unlike other paid quiz games, our questions are already placed on beautiful slides and ready to go. Ten rounds: ten questions and a new category with each round.

Works with Power Point, Keynote, ProPresenter, and any other presentation software.

View the Categories

Step By Step
Walk Thru Guide

We’ll take you through the event step by step to make sure you have a full grasp of each step of running the perfect fundraiser – even if you’ve never been to a trivia night before.

Downloadable pdf that takes you through each month of prep and every hour of the event

Promotional Graphics

We’ve designed beautiful (customizable) posters, flyers, postcards, social media graphics, and more to help promote your trivia night around the community and on all your social platforms.

Three different event designs!
ALL designs are fully editable canva templates.

Interactive MiniGames

MiniGames are a perfect addition in between rounds of trivia. They work great because not only do they help you raise more money, they also create more winners. And more winners means more people who can’t wait to come back next time!

Includes Graphics and rules for "Heads or Tails" and Three more of our favorite MINIGAMES..


Event Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you lay out a clear plan and track the progress of your event. This is a much needed tool to help you cast a clear vision and get buy in for your event.


Easily printable scorecards for teams to fill out each round. Simple black and white design so they you can run off as many copies as you need!

Scorekeepers Guide

Everything your scorekeepers need to know condensed on to a single printable page. This single sheet of paper goes a very long way in keeping your night running smoothly.

Table Instructions

Beautifully designed printable cards for you to put on every table to explain the basic rules of your trivia night – and answer frequently asked questions. Available in both full color and black and white.

Tally Sheets and Answer Key

These printable tally sheets make it easy to keep track of all the team scores throughout the night, and the Answer Key makes it super simple for your scorekeepers to check answers each round!

Evaluation Forms

Post event forms for you to use with each of your teams to evaluate the event and plan for an even better fundraiser next year!

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"Trivia Fundraiser helped our youth raise funds for our summer trips in a way that was much more fun and creative than your typical fundraisers where you sell a bunch of stuff people don't really want anyway and it helped us have an opportunity to share about our trips and get the buy in from the community, not just their dollars.

The best part was the planning details, they had guides for everything you could need, if you have never done a fundraiser before or if this is your one millionth they had guides, templates, tips, and tricks to help it be much more successful than anything you have done in the past."


Bonus #1

Included with your purchase!

* Available April 2024 *

Online Training Library

We've distilled what we've learned from helping hundreds of organizations run successful trivia night fundraisers into a series of short video courses:

TriviaFundraiser 101 – A practical training that will make you an EXPERT trivia night organizer. [5 Minutes]

SCOREKEEPER BASICS – A short video that explains the scorekeeping process to your volunteer scorekeepers. [3 Minutes]

EMCEE BootCAmp – Everything your trivia night emcee needs to know to run an engaging (and profitable) trivia night fundraiser. [3 MINUTES]

You can easily share these courses with other people on your team.

Bonus #2

Included with your purchase!

Money Maximizer

We’ve been doing Trivia Fundraisers for years, and we’ve learned a few tricks and a few additional revenue streams that you can use to maximize the amount of money you can make.

Available as a quick-read Pdf

Bonus #3

Included with your purchase!

Team Awards

The truth is: people love to win. You might only have one “big winner” for the night, but we’ve got awards you can give out to multiple other teams to help spread out the fun. (Plus winners give more money!)

Includes a pdf explanation and on screen graphics.

Our THousand Dollar Guarantee

We are so confident that this resource works, that we guarantee you'll bring in at least $1,000 in revenue with your Trivia Night Fundraiser or we'll give you a full refund!

That's right: if you follow the process outlined in the "Step By Step Walk Thru Guide", and your event brings in less that $1,000 in revenue – we'll refund your entire purchase price.

The Categories

We pride ourselves on having the best trivia questions on the market – from a variety of engaging categories.

Each volume of trivia contains 10 categories (each with 10 questions). However, we recommend picking out your favorite 7 categories for your trivia night.

GREEN Volume


How much do you know about mistakes made by these big brands?


Let's talk about famous and popular pets.

Same Name, Different Face

Can you name the character just from a list of the multiple actors who have portrayed them?


Can you guess the musical from a single lyric?

TV Towns

Do you know the town each of these TV shows was set in?

The Face

How well do you know the spokesperson for these famous products?

Origin Story

Can you identify the invention from its origin story?

How Do You Win?

We highlight some very unique games and sports, and then ask you the simple question: How do you win at that game?


Can you name the US State based on its neighbors?

What About Bob?

All the answers in this round are "Bob".

Purple Volume

It's In the Lyrics

For every question, the answer is in the lyrics of a famous song – just sing it till you get the answer.

Off the Vine

Finally, a category all about something that really matters: wine.

They Used to Call It

The names of dozens of countries around the world have been changed – do you know their NEW names?

Pick A Number

It's easy – every answer is a number between 1 and 10.

First Place

Can you identify these famous firsts from the world of sports?

Fake Inc

How well do you know the fake companies featured in your favorite television shows?

Chairman of the Board

Let's test your knowledge of classic board games.

Lights, Camera, Action

We're testing your knowledge of the film industry.

Best Picture

Can you name the Oscar award winning film from a simple description?


All you have to do is identify the cereal from the picture.

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